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For Our Society:
Social Inclusion

At Eucerin, we celebrate skin in all its diversity.
We are especially committed to supporting
individuals affected by skin diseases.

Inclusion Matters

A substantial number of people with visible skin conditions suffer from alienation and stigmatization, imposing psychological and emotional burdens. This is why we are committed to fighting stigmatization and promoting social inclusion for individuals and groups across all ages affected by dermatological diseases.

People putting their hands together in a circle, representing teamwork.

Eucerin’s Social Mission

By 2023, we will implement local social projects in at least 15 countries to significantly improve the quality of life of those affected by skin conditions across all ages. These projects aim to alleviate the psychological and emotional burden of dermatological diseases and at the same time enhance the patients’ participation in society, contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, ‘Good Health and Wellbeing’ and ‘Reduced Inequalities’.

Eucerin’s 2025 Ambitions

As a global skincare pioneer, we are redefining our approach to sustainability and are committed to an ambitious agenda. Following four key sustainability ambitions, we pledge to formulate and package the Eucerin products you know and love in a more sustainable way.